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Based in London Harry Foulkes is a graduate of BA Photography at Falmouth University. His work explores the human relationship with imagery with specific focus on "social imagery" that is consumed both on social media, the internet and much more traditional modes of viewing. It is this change in consumption of imagery and the perception of it in contemporary society that is of most interest within the work, as well as exploring a much more personal connection to his own identity and the way in which it is constructed and influenced by imagery on a daily basis.

Previous Exhibitions

South West Graduate Photography Prize 2022, OXO Tower Wharf 

3-6 November 2022

The Summer Exhibition, Brouhaha Virtual Gallery

18-25 July 2022

EIZO Student Graduate Award Finalists, EIZO, Ascot

5 July 2022


Gweles Exhibition, Free Range Degree Show, The Truman Brewery

23-26 June 2022



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